Intellectual discussion club named “Benjamin Franklin’s Club” is a community of people seeking knowledge and understanding of the reality around them.

We are a community of intellectuals who are together, regardless of specialization, interests, professional experience, and way of living.

We unite those who think, analyze, research, discuss and look for resolving the main issues of our time. 

The Club is a platform for high-quality communication, mutual sharing of knowledge, opinions, ideas, and personal development. This platform is for valuable discussions aiming to not find immutable truth, but to create a multidimensional and comprehensive picture of the world.

We spread the “concept of argumentative discussion” as the most effective way to share knowledge, generate new ideas, and find mutually beneficial solutions.

Among the members of the Club are representatives of various professions and trends.

Benjamin Franklin’s Club is named after the American educator and scientist. The whole concept is based on the model of the Leather Aprons Club, founded by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia in 1728. Subsequently, the educational community, whose members were engaged in self-education and dissemination of knowledge, grew into the American Philosophical Society, which still exists and unites the leading minds of our time.

Benjamin Franklin’s Club’s mission is to develop a culture of intelligent communication. The club members discuss various topics in a healthy atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. BFC promotes positive social change through self-development of members and creation of value for others.