Benjamin Franklin’s Club Private Conference Regulations

  1. Participants come together to discuss one chosen topic.
  2. The maximum number of participants in such a conference is 12 people, the minimum required number is 5 people.
  3. Registration for meetings is considered open from the date of publication of the conference plan for the year on the official pages of Benjamin Franklin’s Club on the Internet. Registration closes when the number of registered participants reaches 12. Registration in any case closes no later than 21 days before the date of the event, even if there’s less than 12 of registered participants, but already more than at least 5.
  4. One of the participants is a moderator. The moderator chooses an assistant among the participants (see the role and tasks of the moderator).
  5. Registration of conference participants closes three weeks before the date of the conference. This is the minimum time required to prepare for the topic of the conference including preparing the presentation.
  6. Preparation for the meeting is required. Each participant is both a listener and a speaker (see preparation rules).
  7. Ready presentations or mind maps of the future speech are to be sent to the organizer no later than 24 hours before the conference. If this rule is not followed, the participant is not allowed to the conference (without refunding the money deposit).
  8. The order of speeches is determined at the beginning of the conference by mutual agreement of the participants.
  9. Performance timeline is 20 minutes. Time for questions to the speaker and discussion at the end of the speech is 10 minutes.
  10. Each conference starts with answering the question “Why are we here?”. Specific goals and meanings of each participant for a given conference are determined. At the end of the conference, a check is made against the goals set at the beginning.
  11. Each conference ends with a “Feedback” block. Participants give each other a feedforward response: what turned out well + which growth zones are determined.
  12. During the conversation, phone calls and chatting in messengers are not allowed, the phones are to be switched to quiet mode. To answer the urgent call, you must leave the audience.
  13. Video recording of conferences is being kept. Conference recording is available to all members of the Club. Outside the Club, the recording can only be distributed by the speaker himself upon his own request.
  14. Photo sessions are held at the conferences. The Club has the right to use the materials of the photo session for its informational and marketing purposes.
  15. Participants’ presentations are saved in the library of the Club materials and are available to all members of the Club Only the speaker can distribute his own presentation outside of the Club upon his own request.
  16. Conference time takes one day 9:00 – 21:00.
  17. Dates, topics and cities for holding conferences are approved by the Council of the Club and published in the conference plan for the year on the official public resources of the Club (website, facebook, instagram, telegram).